Grants 2020

Blighty Public School P&C

Deniliquin District Cricket Assosciation

Deniliquin Drovers Rugby Union

Deniliquin Genealogy Society

Deniliquin & District Historical Society

Deniliquin High School P&C

Deniliquin Little Athletics Association

Deniliquin Motorcycle Association

Navorina Nursing Home Auxiliary

Denliquin Womens Shed

Naponda Hospital Auxiliary

Blighty Pulic School P & C - Playground Improvement

This is Stage 1 of a 5 stage project to establish a nature based play area that will provide a variety of play spaces that encourage imaginitive play, general play and physical education.

This years first stage involves the construction of a sandpit area with a small hill with lawn.

The variety of play spaces that cater for different age groups will benefit the Blighty School students and the broader Blighty Community as the school is open for use during school holidays.

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Deniliquin District Cricket Association - Internal Netting

The Deniliquin District Cricket Association will increase safety during training at Memorial Park by replacing and increasing the existing netting including a roof net so a ball cannot be hit outside the cricket facility.

The Deniliquin District Cricketers, representative player from other areas as well as other users of Memorial Park in the area during training sessions will be protected.

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Deniliquin Drovers Rugby Union - Training Equipment

Upgraded training equipment will assist players and coaching staff during training and pre-game skills sessions.

Players of all ages will benefit with increased availability of good equipment to learn safe tackling and other techniques.

The majority of current equipment is over 10 years old with some dating back into 1990's.

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Deniliquin Genealogy Society - 'Our Pioneers' Deniliquin & District Pre 1900

Deniliquin Genealogy Society will publish a book telling the stories of people and families that have made an important contribution to our town and region in it's early years.

Many local history buffs have researched individuals and complemented the stories with photographs from an extensive collection developed in conjunction with the Central Murray Regional Library and the Deniliquin and District Historical Society.

This publication will enlighten the community to what our forbears achieved, often under great hardship.

Recording and preserving our local history ensuring it is not lost over time is important. The stories featured in 'Our Pioneers' include an Indigenous leader of the time 'Denilakoon', as he was known, the migrants who found their way to this remote area and stories of residents not widely known so their contributions are also recorded for future generations.

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Deniliquin & District Historical Society - Preserving Heritage Archival Material

Heritage paper items from the 1800s and early 1900s are fragile and their condition deteriorates from exposure to light and dust. They need to be wrapped in Archival paper and housed in strong boxes designed to exclude light.

D&DHS will use their grant this year to boxes for over eighty historical records from district properties, Deniliquin Police and various businesses that existed in the 1800's.

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Deniliquin High School P & C - Breakfast Program

Research shows the importance of proper nutrition and it's effect on concentration and learning and also that many Australian students skip breakfast.

Students, staff and other volunteers will be providing a healthy breakfast three days a week. This will have a benefit for the students that learn better while at school and a long term benefit for the community in that students will likely achieve better at school and into the future.

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Deniliquin Little Athletics - 50 Years of Deniliquin Little Athletics

To celebrate their 50 years Deniliquin Little Athletics will host a special carnival inviting other Athletics groups from around the region, although this may unfortunately be limited by Covid restrictions

Along with the competition on the day will be a marquee presenting the history of Deniliquin Athletics for the community and past members to view throughout the day.

Special commemorative medals will be presented to the high achievers.

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Deniliquin Motorcycle Association - PA System

A new Public Address System is to be acquired for the management of Ride and Race days at the Deniliquin Motorcycle Club.

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Navorina Nursing Home Auxiliary - Princess Comfort Chair

The Ultimate comfort chair for special needs seating. Air cushioned seating, foot plates, neck support and a dining tray with stainless frame and 10 year warranty

The residents of Navorina will appreciate this chair. Due to mobility issues they may be in it for extended periods that in other seating would result in pressure sores.

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Deniliquin Womens Shed - Paint and Pallette

With some new equipment the Deniliquin Womens Shed will be able to run more workshops.

Painting, mosaics and various other areas of interest depending on the various groups involved. Various locations of interest to different people such as Painting @ Warbreccan.

Membership is open and fully inclusive with the aim of accessing the creative talents of people that might be isolated or otherwise disconnected from their community.

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Naponda Farmers Market - Skill Upgrade

The Naponda Farmers Market provides a great service for Deniliquin and it's residents.

Upskilling the volunteers will ensure the continued success of the market and assist with Health and Safety Standards compliance.

Funds raised by the Naponda Hospital Auxiliary through the Farmers Market provide support to patients at the Deniliquin Hospital and their families.

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